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Helping you transform into a high-level woman through fitness, wellness, and mindset

Over 300+ Transformations

Its not just about losing weight...

We see fitness as a three-legged stool, each leg represents all the pillars we focus on to get results and keep them for good.

Structured workout plan

A realistic routine that’s easy to incorporate in a busy schedule but still generate amazing results!

Streamlined nutrition protocol

Fuel your body in a balanced way through flexible dieting, helping you heal your relationship with food!

Accountability and Support

Change the way you show up! We help you shift the way you think so you're always winning in this journey.




Previous Client


Esme’s been working out for a very long time but never sustained the results she’s wanted

She had an unhealthy relationship with food under eating and overly restricting, to binge eating. Both ends of the spectrum left her nowhere but yo yoing in her fitness journey

After joining the Barbell Baddies, her outlook on fitness completely changed! 

Now Esme has gained her confidence back around food,  fueling her body better paired with a structured plan, resulting in an amazing physique, and hitting PRs with her lifts.


Previous Client

Feeling sexy and confident despite her busy schedule!

Working as a nurse, she always thought she can only lose weight when it fits her schedule, but after learning how to incorporate her fitness goals in her lifestyle, she went from hiding her stomach to showing off her sexy abs!


Previous Client

Mary lost 13lbs of body fat gaining back the confidence to wear a bikini!

Mary used to do HIIT workouts she would find on Youtube and would spend hours on the treadmill or stairmaster. She also struggled with sticking to her strict diet and would fall off track late at night. 

Once we started working together, she’s lost 13lbs of body fat gaining back the confidence to wear a bikini on vacation! She’s also knowledgeable on eating better without restrictions, enjoying fun foods while keeping the results she worked hard for!


Previous Client

Angelica Now feels 100% confident in her own skin!

Angelica used to lack the structure with her workouts and her eating which lead her to stay seriously stuck in her fitness journey. 

But as soon as she got the tools and the guidance to get her to her physique goal, she’s now feeling 100% confident in her own skin, continuously hitting PRs in the gym and fixed her relationship with food!

Here's what the program includes



We take the guesswork out so you can focus on getting results


An unbreakable bond with badass women sharing the same goals


No more crash dieting, and loving your relationship with food


Easy to navigate app with videos and to track your progress


Monthly classes being taught by guest speakers known for their profession


We go live and share knowledge on fitness, nutrition, mindset, and wellness


Check-ins with your coach and a zoom call to ask us questions 1-on-1


A great way to build sustainable habits, this includes a chance to win prizes


Not only do you work with your coach, you also have access to all coaches in the program

Meet Our Barbell Baddies Master Coaches

When you join the Barbell Baddies you get to work with these master coaches



Meet Cedric, the ultimate coach of fun, discipline, and motivation in the fitness world! His journey began at 28, battling yo-yo dieting and body dysmorphia, but he emerged as a true inspiration through his own transformation. Now a NASM certified coach, Coach Zachary infuses his badass energy into every session, drawing from his personal struggles to ignite over 200 lives with his infectious enthusiasm. With a focus on proper form and technique, he creates a supportive space for his Baddies to crush their fitness goals and unleash their inner badasses! Get ready to join the revolution and transform your life with Coach Zachary leading the charge!



Meet Marissa, the powerhouse on a mission to ignite confidence and unleash the inner baddie in women everywhere! With certifications from NASM and the prestigious Clean Health Institute, Coach Marissa brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to empower over 100 women to redefine their self-image. Through her electrifying and results-driven programs, she’s committed to being not just a coach, but your biggest cheerleader on the path to transformation. Get ready to crush your goals, embrace your strength, and step into a new, empowered version of yourself with Coach Marissa leading the charge!



Meet David, the unstoppable force behind body recomposition and fat loss coaching! From a childhood fueled by fast food to a high school revelation in fitness, his journey is nothing short of inspiring. Despite navigating weight changes as a young parent, he emerged as a beacon of healthy living advocacy. Armed with certifications since 2013 and a degree in Exercise Sports Science, David has revolutionized over 300 lives! His coaching style isn’t just about workouts; it’s a transformational journey empowering clients with the knowledge for lifelong fitness success. Get ready to join David’s vibrant community and unlock your potential for a healthier, happier you!



Meet Chelsea, the fierce warrior who turned her battle with postpartum depression into a triumph of strength and resilience! At just 20 years old, she faced anxiety, depression, and the daunting weight of 200lbs. But instead of succumbing to despair, she used it as fuel for her self-discovery journey. Through dedication and determination, she transformed herself into a Nationally Qualified Bodybuilding Competitor, shedding the weight and reclaiming her confidence. Now, Chelsea’s mission is to empower women to break through their own fitness barriers with her “1% better” mentality. As your coach, she’s not just here to guide you—she’s here to unleash the badass baddie within you and prove that with the right mindset, anything is possible. Get ready to join Chelsea on a journey of empowerment, achievement, and becoming the best version of yourself!

About The Founder

Getting results in your fitness journey is a goal that a lot of people want, but not everyone achieves. I’ve gone through so many trial and errors over the years in figuring out how to keep the results. I’ve done almost every influencer workout I see on the internet, every fad diet, so many promising supplements, but still left looking the same as how I first started.

This not only affected how I felt in my own body, it’s also made me lose a lot of my confidence due to so many broken promises of change

But then I discovered and learned a more sustainable approach that finally helped me break through this vicious yo-yo cycle.

Over the years, I’ve invested a lot of my time into learning and implementation. I’ve worked with in person trainers that helped mentor me to train my own clients. I’ve invested a lot into education and different courses to hone my skills, understanding the female body and how to apply sustainable approaches that guarantee long-term results.

We’ve worked with 200+ women and helped them achieve their dream body, gain their confidence back without giving up the food they love, embracing a journey they actually enjoy, and a process they can easily stick to

If you’ve been struggling to feel good in your own body and mind, understand that you’re not alone. I’ve been there myself, and I’ve overcome it–so can you!

If you’re ready for your own transformation, go ahead and fill out an application below, and I’ll reach out to you to see how I can help!

Here's why our clients are proud to say "I am a Barbell Baddie"

"The coaches are absolutely amazing to work with!"

They hold you accountable, they’re hilarious, and they are very friendly as well!

“They go above and beyond with their service”

You can really tell they care a lot about you as a client, not just your results but overall well-being

“I feel more empowered in my own body”

This program isn’t just about fat loss, they help build you up to become stronger, challenging your capabilities, and to feel more confident in your own body, not just what you see on the scale.

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Over 300+ Transformations

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