Learn How I Lost Over 20 lbs and Got Snatched & Sexy in 12 Weeks…

Without Spending Hours on the Treadmill, “Dieting” or Feeling Like a Newbie in the Gym

Let’s Get Started Baddie

Okay… You’re Probably Wondering

What’s the “Snatched and Sexy” Method?

The “Snatched and Sexy” method is a counterintuitive approach to losing fat and building an hourglass figure.

This is a simple, but easy guide to ditching the yo-yo dieting and burning up to 30lbs in the next 12 weeks.

My “Snatched and Sexy” Method takes out all of the guesswork for dieting and training so you can start seeing results without going through the motions.

What does this all mean for you?

Instead of…
You’ll understand how to…

The Complete Fitness Program to Get Sexy and Snatched Over the Next 12 Weeks…

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The Pages of This Guide

How to create a basic meal plan

That’s easy af to follow (so you can get results without eating bland broccoli and rice)

The basic way to calculate your caloric deficit

For the next 12 weeks (it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced — I got you with 4 easy steps)

The Standard to Get the Best Results

Learn how to properly meal plan and track everything effortlessly during the week (pssst… it’ll become second nature once you’re done with week 4)

My tested supplement stack

To burn fat and snatch that waist (hint: it has to do with one thing you’re probably ignoring right now)

Why cardio isn’t the best approach to burning fat

(I’ll show you what to do instead and how much cardio you actually need)

How to train when it’s “that time of the month”

so you keep getting results while aligning your workouts to get gains, improve recovery and so much more!

12 weeks of fat-loss-focused workouts

To help you start achieving the snatched and sexy look in 2024

The key to never hitting another plateau again

(this is how you’ll keep seeing results even after the 12 weeks end)

Here’s What My Clients Have Accomplished Using Everything I’m Teaching You In This Guide


Previous Client


Esme’s been working out for a very long time but never sustained the results she’s wanted

She had an unhealthy relationship with food under eating and overly restricting, to binge eating. Both ends of the spectrum left her nowhere but yo yoing in her fitness journey

After joining the Barbell Baddies, her outlook on fitness completely changed! 

Now Esme has gained her confidence back around food,  fueling her body better paired with a structured plan, resulting in an amazing physique, and hitting PRs with her lifts.


Previous Client

Feeling sexy and confident despite her busy schedule!

Working as a nurse, she always thought she can only lose weight when it fits her schedule, but after learning how to incorporate her fitness goals in her lifestyle, she went from hiding her stomach to showing off her sexy abs!


Previous Client

Mary lost 13lbs of body fat gaining back the confidence to wear a bikini!

Mary used to do HIIT workouts she would find on Youtube and would spend hours on the treadmill or stairmaster. She also struggled with sticking to her strict diet and would fall off track late at night. 

Once we started working together, she’s lost 13lbs of body fat gaining back the confidence to wear a bikini on vacation! She’s also knowledgeable on eating better without restrictions, enjoying fun foods while keeping the results she worked hard for!


Previous Client

Angelica Now feels 100% confident in her own skin!

Angelica used to lack the structure with her workouts and her eating which lead her to stay seriously stuck in her fitness journey. 

But as soon as she got the tools and the guidance to get her to her physique goal, she’s now feeling 100% confident in her own skin, continuously hitting PRs in the gym and fixed her relationship with food!

This Guide Isn’t Just About Losing Weight

Without Spending Hours on the Treadmill, “Dieting” or Feeling Like a Newbie in the Gym

We Haven’t Even Gotten to the Best Part

I’ve added special access to 6 bonus resources that are only available to our 1:1 Barbell Baddies clients. Now you can use them to help maximize your results and progress.

Fat-Loss Recipe Guide

16 protein-packed meals you can whip in 15 minutes or less. 

Autoregulation Video Training

Showing you exactly how you can intuitively adapt your fitness routine with your body’s natural signals to maximize your results.

Simple Trick to Using the Food Scale

Get ready to measure your meals like a boss and keep that diet in check – effortlessly

Eating Fun Foods in Your Diet

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Best Stupid Simple Cardio for Fat Loss

I’ll show you the no-BS cardio moves that torch fat faster than a baddie burns through her ex’s pics.

Hacks to Manage Your Time

Get the time management systems I personally plugin to my life that help me stay fit and in shape with my busy schedule without sacrificing my sanity

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Bonus! Recipes for Fatloss

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Our Approach Works...
And It Can Work For You Too!

This is an Easily-Digestible Guide to Getting Snatched and Sexy Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Everything inside the guide has helped over 300+ women get snatched and sexy. 

Think of this as a back-pocket IG fitness model who’s giving all the secrets to her baddie bod. 

Normally, other trainers charge over $3,000 for the secrets I’m giving away inside this guide. 


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a dumbbell or have been in the gym for years. All of the workout routines and nutrition guidelines were created for every woman to get snatched and sexy.

Each workout requires a specific machine or dumbbells so you can start losing fat and building that snatched figure. That’s why I highly recommend getting a membership to get the best results over these next 12 weeks.

We’re going to be hitting the gym 4 days a week to start out. As your body starts getting used to the training program, we’re going to do a total of 5 workouts every week.

This is how over 300 of my clients have lost fat, and build muscle without

Listen… I can’t guarantee that you’re gonna drop 30lbs within the snap of your fingers. But if you stay consistent and follow this guide, you’ll see results – period.

This is how over 300 of my clients have lost fat, and build muscle without

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